“Forgetting Stars” Review: The system is rich but boring The story is long but thin

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“Forgetting Stars” is the second retro RPG of the Tokyo RPG Factory following “The Moment of Sacrifice and Snow”. After improving the problems of the previous work, a lot of new elements are added, and the plot flow is greatly lengthened. But because of some problems in the previous game, many players are hesitant about how this performance is. This article will make a detailed evaluation of the game quality of this game.


Forgotten Star | LOST SPHEAR


Developer: Tokyo RPG Factory

Publisher: Square Enix

Release date: October 12, 2017

Platform: PS4, Switch, PC

Attributes: nostalgia, role playing


※This article is based on PS4 evaluation

Picture and music, the most intuitive first feeling


“Forgetting Stars” Review: The system is rich but boring The story is long but thin


Although the developer is a studio funded by RPG Co., Ltd., the developed works are mainly in the traditional style, also known as the “new traditional RPG.” Compared with the predecessor in which the whole world is in the ice, the environmental changes of this work should be more abundant. However, the style of the picture is basically the same as that of the previous game. The character is also the three-headed body. It is quite disappointing when I zoom in on the memory of the month. However, the number of frames in the game is relatively stable, and there is no obvious drop frame. The reading time is much better than the previous one. This should be affirmed.

“Forgetting Stars” Review: The system is rich but boring The story is long but thin


Although the characters have not changed, some scenes are still very beautiful. The reflection of the author’s favorite reflection of the lake feels great. The atmosphere of the starry sky at night is very good. In addition, the background changes after the airship is very good, and the scene will show up with the time. Different look.

The music of the previous game is only a piano piece, and the atmosphere of the piano solo is unique and comparable to the scene of the ice and snow. The soundtrack of this game is still three good, but in addition to the piano music, there are different instruments. But after playing the customs, although the music is still very good, there are no particularly impressive songs. The BGM and the battle BGM in the field of the previous game are very impressive, but the music of this work is less special.


“Forgetting Stars” Review: The system is rich but boring The story is long but thin


There aren’t many types of monsters. Although there are a lot of new monsters besides the monsters of the previous ones, the old practice of color violations of monsters gives me a very bad feeling. In addition, the killing method of this game is only left to machine kill and instant kill. In the previous game, I will try to kill the monster in all ways to get the material. There is not much motivation in this work.

The system adds a lot of new things, but…


Although the game still uses the ATB turn-based combat system, but a lot of things have changed a lot of things, it is best not to compare it with “the moment of sacrifice and snow” as a thing better.


“Forgetting Stars” Review: The system is rich but boring The story is long but thin


The most varied place is the marsh system. In the previous work, the stone was divided into command stone and auxiliary method stone. In this work, it was changed into command stone, passive method stone and instant method stone. The passive method stone and the auxiliary method of the predecessor have a meaning, but in this work, there is no such a stone trough that will be accompanied by a momental method stone trough. It is necessary to equip the magic stone in the brake stone trough to activate the effect. In theory, the combination of the common method stone and the brake method will be richer than the game method with the effect of the command stone, but it is more troublesome from the process of exchanging the stone to the matching process. With the upper limit of the stone equipment and the unlocking of the new stone, the combination of the later stones is already a painful mentality. I personally prefer the commanding stone in the predecessor to bring the effect of the brakes. When I try new skills, I will also activate the effect of the brakes to see what effect the system has. This work can’t even see the skill of this skill in the battle. In the latter stage, unless it reaches the upper limit of sublimation, it will not change the combination of the stone.

“Forgetting Stars” Review: The system is rich but boring The story is long but thin


Machine-mounted is another big new element of this work, and it is also the most IMBA thing in this book. The special commands installed on the machine will also be unlocked after unlocking a few stone pillars. These special commands are either particularly strong or useless. The useless representative is the protagonist’s machine. The former’s machine-loading instructions are even-on. It is very easy to use in the miscellaneous warfare but it is like scratching in the BOSS battle. The representative of IMBA is the streamer and the van Gogh’s machine. The former’s light The skywear will greatly enhance the skill, and the two rounds will ignore the cooldown, and the vanguard of the artifact can automatically repair the knife. For example, at the beginning of the opening, the streamer enters the state of light, and Van Gogh uses the artifact to summon. When the teammates play the game every time, the poisonous knife is added. After that, the streamer can use the fire attribute skill of the heart rate for three times. Multiplying, my personal experience is that 3 attacks can generally have 2 times of heart, can hit more than 2000 damage; every time Van Gogh can make more than 1000 damage, including the final BOSS, no one BOSS can pick up my EN strip. Unless this scene can’t be used in the machine, this routine can eat all the BOSS, which is more efficient than the previous creation.

“Forgetting Stars” Review: The system is rich but boring The story is long but thin


Compared with the previous skill, it can be moved in the battle and most of the skills have a certain range. After the skill has scope, it is not necessary to launch the brake system to integrate the skills, but in the actual play, most of the miscellaneous warfare can be solved in one round. The first three companions, the Vatican and the Locke, attacked two people on a straight line, while the other had a range of attack skills that were highly damaging. The addition of skills to the range does increase the strategic nature of the game, but with the increase in the number of strategies that can be taken, the balance of difficulty should be adjusted accordingly. However, from the start to the customs clearance, there was no difficult battle, and it was as plain as water.

“Forgetting Stars” Review: The system is rich but boring The story is long but thin

Equipment can be strengthened 10 times this time, but the equipment’s reinforcement system is too simple and rude. There are 10 enhancements in the game, and you can strengthen them by purchasing 10 different fortified stones. But the problem is that every time there is new equipment, this repeated step is required, and the design is not very clever. In addition, after strengthening, the original value of the equipment will not be displayed. When a new weapon can be purchased, it is not convenient to make a comparative comparison.

Although the author likes the predecessor and likes the JRPG in the golden age, the play of this game really disappoints the author. The longer story should be affirmed, and the gameplay should be affirmed. However, the actual rhythm of the story is not well mastered, the game system is too complicated, and the balance is out of balance. Although it is very good at design, it plays. Another thing is another.

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