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“Star Wars: Frontline 2” Review: works that are disrupted by the card system

Check Game Deals on Here In 2015, the battlefield shooting work “Star Wars: Frontline” created by the classic IP “Star Wars” was born. Although the game faithfully restored the battlefield of the original science fiction, for various reasons, the “frontline” did not meet the expectations of the production team. The effect, but such “frustration” did […]

The first chapter of the Galaxy Guard Story Edition

Check Game Deals on Here Game Type: Adventure Puzzle Game Maker: Telltale Games Game Release: Telltale Games Game platform: PC/XboxOne/PS4/Android/iOS Release time: April 18, 2017 The first chapter of the Galaxy Guard captured the spirit of the original manga and the work of the film, and explained the theme in place. The Cosmic Tricks will […]

The Soul of Titan

Check Game Deals on Here “The Soul of Titan” is an action game developed by Acid Nerve to tell a little boy and his countless bows and arrows. The unnamed child in The Soul of Titan has only one bow and one arrow in the area. The protagonist seems to be only a symbol of […]

The Pokkén Tournament

Check Game Store on Here The Pokkén Tournament draws a number of familiar elements from a series of favorite pieces to create this new game. With the mix of these game types, the most notable innovation in the game is the transformable battlefield. The angle of view of the battle scene can be switched back […]