“Forgetting Stars” Review: The system is rich but boring The story is long but thin

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“Forgetting Stars” is the second retro RPG of the Tokyo RPG Factory following “The Moment of Sacrifice and Snow”. After improving the problems of the previous work, a lot of new elements are added, and the plot flow is greatly lengthened. But because of some problems in the previous game, many players are hesitant about how this performance is. This article will make a detailed evaluation of the game quality of this game.


Forgotten Star | LOST SPHEAR


Developer: Tokyo RPG Factory

Publisher: Square Enix

Release date: October 12, 2017

Platform: PS4, Switch, PC

Attributes: nostalgia, role playing


※This article is based on PS4 evaluation

Picture and music, the most intuitive first feeling


“Forgetting Stars” Review: The system is rich but boring The story is long but thin


Although the developer is a studio funded by RPG Co., Ltd., the developed works are mainly in the traditional style, also known as the “new traditional RPG.” Compared with the predecessor in which the whole world is in the ice, the environmental changes of this work should be more abundant. However, the style of the picture is basically the same as that of the previous game. The character is also the three-headed body. It is quite disappointing when I zoom in on the memory of the month. However, the number of frames in the game is relatively stable, and there is no obvious drop frame. The reading time is much better than the previous one. This should be affirmed.

“Forgetting Stars” Review: The system is rich but boring The story is long but thin


Although the characters have not changed, some scenes are still very beautiful. The reflection of the author’s favorite reflection of the lake feels great. The atmosphere of the starry sky at night is very good. In addition, the background changes after the airship is very good, and the scene will show up with the time. Different look.

The music of the previous game is only a piano piece, and the atmosphere of the piano solo is unique and comparable to the scene of the ice and snow. The soundtrack of this game is still three good, but in addition to the piano music, there are different instruments. But after playing the customs, although the music is still very good, there are no particularly impressive songs. The BGM and the battle BGM in the field of the previous game are very impressive, but the music of this work is less special.


“Forgetting Stars” Review: The system is rich but boring The story is long but thin


There aren’t many types of monsters. Although there are a lot of new monsters besides the monsters of the previous ones, the old practice of color violations of monsters gives me a very bad feeling. In addition, the killing method of this game is only left to machine kill and instant kill. In the previous game, I will try to kill the monster in all ways to get the material. There is not much motivation in this work.

The system adds a lot of new things, but…


Although the game still uses the ATB turn-based combat system, but a lot of things have changed a lot of things, it is best not to compare it with “the moment of sacrifice and snow” as a thing better.


“Forgetting Stars” Review: The system is rich but boring The story is long but thin


The most varied place is the marsh system. In the previous work, the stone was divided into command stone and auxiliary method stone. In this work, it was changed into command stone, passive method stone and instant method stone. The passive method stone and the auxiliary method of the predecessor have a meaning, but in this work, there is no such a stone trough that will be accompanied by a momental method stone trough. It is necessary to equip the magic stone in the brake stone trough to activate the effect. In theory, the combination of the common method stone and the brake method will be richer than the game method with the effect of the command stone, but it is more troublesome from the process of exchanging the stone to the matching process. With the upper limit of the stone equipment and the unlocking of the new stone, the combination of the later stones is already a painful mentality. I personally prefer the commanding stone in the predecessor to bring the effect of the brakes. When I try new skills, I will also activate the effect of the brakes to see what effect the system has. This work can’t even see the skill of this skill in the battle. In the latter stage, unless it reaches the upper limit of sublimation, it will not change the combination of the stone.

“Forgetting Stars” Review: The system is rich but boring The story is long but thin


Machine-mounted is another big new element of this work, and it is also the most IMBA thing in this book. The special commands installed on the machine will also be unlocked after unlocking a few stone pillars. These special commands are either particularly strong or useless. The useless representative is the protagonist’s machine. The former’s machine-loading instructions are even-on. It is very easy to use in the miscellaneous warfare but it is like scratching in the BOSS battle. The representative of IMBA is the streamer and the van Gogh’s machine. The former’s light The skywear will greatly enhance the skill, and the two rounds will ignore the cooldown, and the vanguard of the artifact can automatically repair the knife. For example, at the beginning of the opening, the streamer enters the state of light, and Van Gogh uses the artifact to summon. When the teammates play the game every time, the poisonous knife is added. After that, the streamer can use the fire attribute skill of the heart rate for three times. Multiplying, my personal experience is that 3 attacks can generally have 2 times of heart, can hit more than 2000 damage; every time Van Gogh can make more than 1000 damage, including the final BOSS, no one BOSS can pick up my EN strip. Unless this scene can’t be used in the machine, this routine can eat all the BOSS, which is more efficient than the previous creation.

“Forgetting Stars” Review: The system is rich but boring The story is long but thin


Compared with the previous skill, it can be moved in the battle and most of the skills have a certain range. After the skill has scope, it is not necessary to launch the brake system to integrate the skills, but in the actual play, most of the miscellaneous warfare can be solved in one round. The first three companions, the Vatican and the Locke, attacked two people on a straight line, while the other had a range of attack skills that were highly damaging. The addition of skills to the range does increase the strategic nature of the game, but with the increase in the number of strategies that can be taken, the balance of difficulty should be adjusted accordingly. However, from the start to the customs clearance, there was no difficult battle, and it was as plain as water.

“Forgetting Stars” Review: The system is rich but boring The story is long but thin

Equipment can be strengthened 10 times this time, but the equipment’s reinforcement system is too simple and rude. There are 10 enhancements in the game, and you can strengthen them by purchasing 10 different fortified stones. But the problem is that every time there is new equipment, this repeated step is required, and the design is not very clever. In addition, after strengthening, the original value of the equipment will not be displayed. When a new weapon can be purchased, it is not convenient to make a comparative comparison.

Although the author likes the predecessor and likes the JRPG in the golden age, the play of this game really disappoints the author. The longer story should be affirmed, and the gameplay should be affirmed. However, the actual rhythm of the story is not well mastered, the game system is too complicated, and the balance is out of balance. Although it is very good at design, it plays. Another thing is another.

“Star Wars: Frontline 2” Review: works that are disrupted by the card system

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In 2015, the battlefield shooting work “Star Wars: Frontline” created by the classic IP “Star Wars” was born. Although the game faithfully restored the battlefield of the original science fiction, for various reasons, the “frontline” did not meet the expectations of the production team. The effect, but such “frustration” did not let DICE give up this series, the second work of the “Frontline” series on November 17, 2017 was officially released. Compared with the previous work, “Frontline 2” seems to reveal the production team. Big ambitions, the addition of rich new content will really give people a feeling of glare in the first experience, but as time goes on, the problem of the game being “hidden” will gradually be exposed to the players, when we face these After the problem, perhaps the performance of “frontline 2” is not as amazing as we think.


Star Wars: Frontline 2


Star Wars: Battlefront 2


Developer: DICE


Publisher: EA


Release date: November 17, 2017


Platform: PS4, Xbox One, PC


Attributes: Star Wars, Science Fiction, Shooting, Action


PS4 as a platform for evaluation


Make up for the shortcomings of the previous one


Compared with the previous game, the biggest highlight of “Front Line 2” should be the addition of the game content of the stand-alone part on the basis of the original. Players can play a battle based on the original “Star Wars” and a challenging game. Playground mode. The story of the battle mode takes place after the sixth part of the Star Wars movie. At this time, the empire is on the verge of collapse. The player plays the original role of an empire squad. In the process, the player will participate in this from the perspective of the protagonist. The grand battlefield witnessed this war and history with many classic characters in Star Wars.

Make up for the shortcomings of the previous one


Compared with the previous game, the biggest highlight of “Front Line 2” should be the addition of the game content of the stand-alone part on the basis of the original. Players can play a battle based on the original “Star Wars” and a challenging game. Playground mode. The story of the battle mode takes place after the sixth part of the Star Wars movie. At this time, the empire is on the verge of collapse. The player plays the original role of an empire squad. In the process, the player will participate in this from the perspective of the protagonist. The grand battlefield witnessed this war and history with many classic characters in Star Wars.

ike Battlefield 1, the stand-alone content of Frontline 2 is more like a large teaching level. In the process, players will experience a variety of multi-player modes such as vehicles, heroes, equipment, etc. Content, when the player completes the stand-alone battle, it will have a better understanding of some ideas and gameplay in Frontline 2.


“Star Wars: Frontline 2” Review: works that are disrupted by the card system


From the perspective of a stand-alone work, the stand-alone process of Frontline 2 is quite satisfactory. The relatively compact process and the changes in the inner character of the turbulent period are easy to substitute players, but if you add this battle The premise of the IP of “Star Wars” seems to be somewhat rushed in the process. From the beginning to the end of the process in the narrative of the plot, there is no clear explanation of the overall process story, and it is also interspersed in the battle. The contents of many classic characters of “Star Wars” were originally used to describe the multifaceted content of war. In the end, the protagonist’s existence was somewhat weak. Even in the end, the protagonist’s name was not remembered. The interweaving of various aspects also made the battle aspect. It seems very messy in the rhythm of storytelling.

“Star Wars: Frontline 2” Review: works that are disrupted by the card system


Another stand-alone content is the playground mode. In this mode, players can experience various modes and difficulty battles. Among them, the highlight is the “combat situation” in single player mode. In this mode, the game will have some games. The corresponding rules, time limits, etc., the player needs to complete the conditions indicated by the level under the specified difficulty, rules, etc. As the level increases, the rules that the player has to face will be more demanding, and the enemy will be more crazy. “. Although in the overall game, most of this content

Multiplayer mode with wonderful and problem


Based on the basis of the previous game, “Front Line 2” has also made many corresponding adjustments in the multiplayer mode. The multiplayer mode in the game is divided into five parts (the Galaxy, such as the invasion of the war, the attack of the Star Wars, the heroic hegemony, the soldiers Dead war and team battles). Among them, the sudden death of the soldiers and the team’s death battle are relatively traditional confrontation modes. The two sides of the game are confronted in the form of 8V8 and 10V10. Although the content is slightly different between the two, the overall situation is similar. Like “Battlefield 1”, the multiplayer core content of “Frontline 2” is also the “Galaxy Invasion War” that creates a huge battlefield. This model can be understood as the fusion of the core content of the previous game and the Battlefield 1 battlefield model. All the vehicles, heroes and other content corresponding to the map are completely liberated. Players can choose their own style of combat to attack or defend the enemy’s fierce offensive, but these vehicles and other heroes are not available at the beginning. The initial game player can only choose one of the assault troops, reloading soldiers, officers and special forces, and accumulate points by killing the enemy or completing the corresponding tasks. After the points are accumulated to a certain extent, they can be consumed in exchange for the corresponding “remuneration”. The game map in this mode is very huge, the players will face each other with a 20 to 20 battle.

“The Elder Scrolls 5: Sky VR” evaluation: the new angle did not bring surprises

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In 2011, a game that influenced many players came out. It depicted a huge world. The dragon and the magic were intertwined into an epic adventure. Countless brave people took up the weapon and embarked on an adventure. It is the Elder Scrolls. 5: Skyline. Although the game is often re-created on various platforms, the excellent quality and rich customization content are still relished by the players. In 2017, the game landed on the VR platform. Through this opportunity, the player can truly be in a “personal” perspective. To experience this magnificent adventure, then the quality of the VR version of “The Elder Scrolls 5”, the next will be a full evaluation of the game, let us once again into the continent we are familiar with.

The Elder Scrolls 5: Sky VR

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR

Developer: Bethesda

Publisher: Bethesda

Distribution platform: PSVR, HTC Vive

Release date: November 17, 2017 (HTC Vive version is available for sale in 2018)

Attributes: Virtual Reality, Middle Earth, Magic

Another experience brought by VR

In the basic content of the game, “Horizon VR” and other versions of the work remain the same, the world and adventures previously purchased are completely preserved, with the virtual experience brought by VR, players can really in the VR version The first perspective is to explore this magical continent. In the battle, the player can control the surrounding enemy’s actions at any time. In the usual process, the player can also let go of the heart to experience the surrounding scenery and experience the past in a new way. The story does have a novel feeling, but with the advancement of the game, some problems will follow.

“Middle-earth: The Shadow of War” Review: European and American unparalleled new template

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After a lapse of three years, Warner’s series of the king’s rumors, the Middle-earth war, is back. This latest “Middle-earth War: The Shadow of War” continues the game’s sense of combat and the thrill of fighting, while at the same time playing the system. There have been major changes in the above, there are obvious improvements, but also some regrets that people have to say.

Middle-earth: The Shadow of War Middle-earth: Shadow of War


Developer: Monolith Productions


Publisher: WB Games


Release date: October 10, 2017


Platform: PS4, Xbox One, Steam


Attributes: ring king, action, develop


*This article is based on the Steam version evaluation


Obvious inheritance


“Shadow of War” continues the realistic style of the darkness of the previous works, and the overall picture quality has been strengthened. Especially the characteristics of the orcs, as well as the details of clothing and weapons have been more perfectly reflected. It has the same level as “Witcher 3”. As the core element of the series, the orcs are fuller in both AI and form. You can see the image of a live orc who will sing while peeing or dozing off while on duty.

“Middle-earth: The Shadow of War” Review: European and American unparalleled new template


The “Shadow of War” further strengthens the concept of “The Orc treasure can be dreamed”, almost all the fun in the game can not be separated from the core of the cultivation of the orcs. This work has reached a new height in the character of the orc. When you arrive in a new area, the regional king will even call the younger brother to send you a message, provoking you to absolutely not beat the city; and the player sent the castle to the traitor. There is a chance that it will be seized by the King. When executed, there is a chance that it will be saved by his own people. After serving your younger brother, there is a chance to come back to revenge, and there is a chance to come back and continue to serve you. A variety of lines have set off this process. “I climbed back from hell to protect you.” Or “I have fought for you, but you can’t help me, now I want revenge.” Humorous and dramatic passages fill the game.


In addition to continuing the predecessor in style, “The Shadow of War” continued in the plot and continued the ending of the previous game. The Modo ruled by Sauron was in dire straits. The protagonist was saved by Modo and demonstrated heroism while being revenged. Power blinds his eyes, his goal is to kill Sauron and then to dominate Sauron and the world, but the plot is a bit confusing here, because according to the setting, the person who wears the Nine Rings is good at the original intention of using the ring. It is bad, and in the end it will become a servant of Sauron, which makes this story even more interesting.


“Middle-earth: The Shadow of War” Review: European and American unparalleled new template

The original system is equipped with play-resistant elements to make the game time soar.


Warner’s action games have always focused on the combat sensation of combat. If you’ve played the Batman series, you’ll feel this way – although they don’t have much skill compared to hardcore action games, but they don’t have much skill. It highlights the sense of refreshment during the battle, the boxing to the flesh, the recruiting and enthusiasm, the violent and stimulating execution, the double counterattack dazzling, and the “Shadow of War” reached a new height in the game of the same kind in the interpretation of the fighting process. Perhaps you can call it a new template for “European and American”. However, the fly in the ointment is

that the action module of this game is still a bit stiff, and there will be a smooth and awkward feeling when using some special skills.


“Middle-earth: The Shadow of War” Review: European and American unparalleled new template


“Shadow of War” has not been greatly improved in the equipment system. The equipment is divided into four types: ordinary, rare, epic, and legend. The source is mostly the task or killing the orc, which is determined by the level of the enemy orc. Dropping the level of equipment, the unique gemstone system adds a little color to the differentiation of the equipment, but this common system configuration does not have much to be praised, can only be evaluated by the law, and based on the drop rate Whether the brush elements are interesting, it is also different from person to person.


“Middle-earth: The Shadow of War” Review: European and American unparalleled new template


The most distinctive system in the game is the “enemy enemy”, which is also the soul of “Shadow of War”. The enemy in the game is omnipresent. For example, if the mob kills you will be promoted to the captain, the captain will kill you, and the captain you kill will come back to revenge for you; the orcs will deliberately provoke and irritate you through words, and walk in You can see the bodies of other players on the road. You can choose to help them revenge. These are all to show the opponent’s opposition to AI, so that you can have a feeling of enemies. After all, in the game, most people are humiliated by the enemy or After killing, you will find a way to go back to revenge.

“Light Tracer” Review: A simple and thought-provoking adventure

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“Light Tracer” Review: A simple and thought-provoking adventure

I don’t know if you still remember that when you were young, you looked up at the sky and looked at the white clouds that blocked the sky. I wondered what kind of dreams would be above the clouds. Now we have passed the blue age that yearns for heaven, but that The white clouds that once gave us dreams are still floating in the sky… The time has passed but the mind has not changed. The VR game “Light Tracer” created by the domestic manufacturer Void Dimensions brings the once-fantasy sky back to our eyes and follows. The trajectory of light begins an adventure.


Light tracer | Light Tracer


Development team: Void Dimensions


Distribution company: Gamepoch Star Tour

Game platform: PSVR


Taking light as a guide to the cloud


Unlike most adventure games, the character that the player controls in “Light Tracer” is not the protagonist in the game, but uses a “side-by-side” perspective to interact with the protagonist in the game with his own hands. This kind of interaction is more like a kind of cooperation than the control. The movement of the protagonist in the game is to follow the light emitted by the player’s right hand. The player must keep the protagonist at any time during the movement. Damage, so it can’t go all the way to the end. Most of the time, we still have to find the right opportunity to move forward. The jump button of the game is assigned to the X button of the right hand Move. The setting of the key is not abrupt, and the operation is very smooth.

“Light Tracer” Review: A simple and thought-provoking adventure

The player’s left-hand Move controls the viewing angle of the platform in the game. With the T button and the swinging of the front, back, left and right, the player can adjust the perspective of the current level. In most levels, there is often a platform that blocks the player’s line of sight. Need to adjust to the perspective of their own interests to continue the game, in addition to the left and right Move also take into account the additional elements such as platform movement, through the right hand guide and the left and right view of the content and other content to let the protagonist through each of the different levels, the operation of the game settings It’s very simple, even for players who are relatively unfamiliar with the game.


In the interaction of the characters, the game also made certain “homework”. If the player observes it carefully, the protagonist in the game will respond to the player’s actions with various expressions and reflections. For example, when the player reaches out to the protagonist, the protagonist will cooperate with the player. Make a touch of action, etc. These details also add a lot of interesting substitution feelings to the player in the game flow.


“Light Tracer” Review: A simple and thought-provoking adventure


In the battle aspect of the game, although the combat system is not dominant in the overall process, the indirect interlaced combat content in the process still adds a lot to the game. When the player acquires the weapon in the middle and later stages, he uses the Move to guide the protagonist. The time to attack the enemy, the enemy configuration in the game is not too much, which also makes the player do not need to worry about the system’s fighting fatigue during the game, unless you go back and forth many times in one place… in most cases every time There is always a sense of novelty when encountering new enemies. At the end of each level, players will also encounter a Boss battle. Each Boss usually has a very “cool” debut, but the player is actually facing a cute guy, the skills of each Boss in the game. The release is fixed, as long as you remember the order of Boss and the way to avoid it, it can be easily handled. Although this matches the simple and easy theme of the game to a certain extent, it does not leave the Boss system. The impression is too deep, although it is a pity that this practice can be understood.


“Light Tracer” Review: A simple and thought-provoking adventure

VR dizziness

Throughout the current VR works, most of them restore the sense of substitution in the game by first-person perspective, but because the content demonstrated by the VR device does not match the behavior of the current player, it will give a mistake. The signal, usually the result is dizziness. VR game features are excellent sense of substitution, but there are very few players who can withstand this free-moving first-person VR work. The “Light Tracker” is a good way to circumvent this problem. The game’s side view setting, although losing the “substitute sense” dominated by VR, allows the player to not have any dizziness even after playing for a long time. feel.

 “The Elder Scrolls 5: Sky VR” evaluation: the new angle did not bring surprises

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In the game, players can use PSMove to simulate the protagonist’s hands in the game, by dancing PSMove to cast magic and wielding weapons. This setting makes the weapon no longer a model in the player’s hand, the player can use his own Fight the way to fight against the enemy in front. However, this kind of operation also brings some inconvenient problems. Compared with the handle operation, PSMove lacks the joy control of the joystick, which allows the player to feel the twist in the process of playing, if the player is equipped with weapons Even a small battle will make players busy, players need to use PSMove’s usual push-button walk to move, while completing the corresponding attack defense action through both hands, and when the player is familiar with the game’s operation, usually The PSMove will be swiped in a relatively simple way to complete the action, but indirectly reduces the sense of substitution that PSMove and VR should have.

In addition, the interactive operation of PSMove also indirectly tests the patience of the player. It is especially obvious when the player searches for items in the game. When two items are too close together, the problem of misoperation often occurs, and usually one of the many items is selected. The mistakes caused by the capture and judgment are easy to make the player anxious. In contrast, the operation of the handle weakens some sense of substitution, but it is mild.

“The Elder Scrolls 5: Sky VR” evaluation: the new angle did not bring surprises

As a VR game, the control of the viewing angle interface also determines the experience of the game. The values ​​of the players in Skyrim VR are not always displayed in the game. When the player’s perspective changes, they will also move with them. To prevent occlusion of the player’s line of sight, the game often appears in the wrong position due to the deviation of the camera and VR, although in this case the player can reset by adjusting his own calibration, but when the player faces some battles, The blood strip that suddenly flashes often blocks the player from being caught off guard. The target indication in the game has also moved from the top of the previous screen to the bottom of the VR interface, which causes the player to often look down at the coordinates from time to time in the process of finding the way, but as far as possible, the player’s main perspective This part of the change in space is still reasonable.

Compromise resolution to VR

For some limitations of VR function, “Horizon VR” made some compromises on the screen. In the processing of the vision, the game will have a problem of blurring or even some color blocks composed of pixels. This situation is small. The terrain is not too much, but it will be very obvious in some open positions. Although it guarantees the smoothness of the game to a certain extent, there will be some sense of violation.

The first chapter of the Galaxy Guard Story Edition

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Game Type: Adventure Puzzle

Game Maker: Telltale Games

Game Release: Telltale Games

Game platform: PC/XboxOne/PS4/Android/iOS

Release time: April 18, 2017

The first chapter of the Galaxy Guard captured the spirit of the original manga and the work of the film, and explained the theme in place. The Cosmic Tricks will give players a fun-filled gaming experience. IGN evaluation editor believes that the first chapter of the game has already captured the core soul of Yin Huo, interesting plots and character performances, almost watching another silver-protected movie, but this time the player plays the protagonist personally. Experience everything. The first chapter of the game has a good start, I hope the next few chapters will have the same level. IGN gave an evaluation of 8.5.

The first chapter of the Galaxy Guard has a good start, the storyline and the character’s performance are excellent, and there is also a world of personalized games worth exploring. If the next chapter of the game will maintain the same level of dialogue and game content, then it can be said that this is definitely a representative game of Telltale. Nowadays, this game series has officially debuted. I hope that as the story develops, it will be able to draw more attention to the characters and the environment, making it more in-depth.

The Soul of Titan

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“The Soul of Titan” is an action game developed by Acid Nerve to tell a little boy and his countless bows and arrows. The unnamed child in The Soul of Titan has only one bow and one arrow in the area. The protagonist seems to be only a symbol of pure skill. He was small, barefoot, and inconspicuous compared to his high Golaiths. Of course, like this two-dimensional little boy, “The Soul of Titan” itself is a work that is not swaying. The whole story takes place in an illusory world and is almost unknown to the story itself. The game as a whole has a strong arcade style, but it is still very challenging in terms of gameplay because of a small The mistake means death. The biggest challenge of The Soul of the Titans is to conquer one scene after another and then challenge the next difficulty, which is a very good experience for many players.

In this game, you must keep in mind: find the right place to shoot your only arrow and keep trying until you can hit his core. Every time a conflict with the Titans is a good experience, you have to remember their sporting patterns, the way they attack, the surrounding environment and their weaknesses, and then drop them. These huge and clumsy Titans will ridicule you for letting you enter their control, the cracks in their armor are clearly visible, and you will be wiped out when you first come into contact. And if you want to win, you will always have only one arrow.

All the levels in the game are cleverly designed and meticulously conceived, because the game hopes that players have no choice but to rely on their own experience. The whole game world is a bond that nonlinearly connects the different fantasy environments of the world: lava, snowfields, and forests have been the subject of these environments. In this game, there are no other monsters or obstacles on the way to the BOSS level, so this 16-bit style game is quite popular, but the players have not really seen or found the next level. Titan’s hole, road or stairs

Meta review based on IGN

The Pokkén Tournament

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The Pokkén Tournament draws a number of familiar elements from a series of favorite pieces to create this new game.

With the mix of these game types, the most notable innovation in the game is the transformable battlefield. The angle of view of the battle scene can be switched back and forth, and the 3D mode of the Field Phase can be performed. In this mode, the attack direction and the station position are very important, and the traditional 2D perspective Duel Phase can also be performed. The angle of view conversion depends on Your actions. If the fight is fierce, the duel mode will be activated. In the duel mode, a deadly combo may be returned to the game mode. In this mode, the elves can jump or evade the laser and flame. This shift helps the player stop to develop a strategy, think about the way the next attack is and how to manipulate the battle process.

Many of the former wizards in “Pokémon” are included in the “Bao Ke Meng Tekken Championships”. Players can choose them to play against. As an old fan, the author is very satisfied with this. These elves have both old faces and new faces. Although it is impossible to cover everyone’s preferences, these 16 characters are enough to record the 20-year history of “Pokémon”. These characters have a history of more than a decade, and the Iron Fist Championships have faithfully restored these characters, which has not disappointed the players. This turn-based RPG role is not uncomfortable after being applied to the real-time battle mechanism. For example, Machamp can trample the ground with its feet, find opportunities to approach the enemy, release amazing big moves or grab defensive opponents to cause more damage. Gengar can release the phantom to confuse the enemy, and the opponent does not know if you want to attack from above, behind or below.

meta review based on IGN