The first chapter of the Galaxy Guard Story Edition

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Game Type: Adventure Puzzle

Game Maker: Telltale Games

Game Release: Telltale Games

Game platform: PC/XboxOne/PS4/Android/iOS

Release time: April 18, 2017

The first chapter of the Galaxy Guard captured the spirit of the original manga and the work of the film, and explained the theme in place. The Cosmic Tricks will give players a fun-filled gaming experience. IGN evaluation editor believes that the first chapter of the game has already captured the core soul of Yin Huo, interesting plots and character performances, almost watching another silver-protected movie, but this time the player plays the protagonist personally. Experience everything. The first chapter of the game has a good start, I hope the next few chapters will have the same level. IGN gave an evaluation of 8.5.

The first chapter of the Galaxy Guard has a good start, the storyline and the character’s performance are excellent, and there is also a world of personalized games worth exploring. If the next chapter of the game will maintain the same level of dialogue and game content, then it can be said that this is definitely a representative game of Telltale. Nowadays, this game series has officially debuted. I hope that as the story develops, it will be able to draw more attention to the characters and the environment, making it more in-depth.

The Soul of Titan

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“The Soul of Titan” is an action game developed by Acid Nerve to tell a little boy and his countless bows and arrows. The unnamed child in The Soul of Titan has only one bow and one arrow in the area. The protagonist seems to be only a symbol of pure skill. He was small, barefoot, and inconspicuous compared to his high Golaiths. Of course, like this two-dimensional little boy, “The Soul of Titan” itself is a work that is not swaying. The whole story takes place in an illusory world and is almost unknown to the story itself. The game as a whole has a strong arcade style, but it is still very challenging in terms of gameplay because of a small The mistake means death. The biggest challenge of The Soul of the Titans is to conquer one scene after another and then challenge the next difficulty, which is a very good experience for many players.

In this game, you must keep in mind: find the right place to shoot your only arrow and keep trying until you can hit his core. Every time a conflict with the Titans is a good experience, you have to remember their sporting patterns, the way they attack, the surrounding environment and their weaknesses, and then drop them. These huge and clumsy Titans will ridicule you for letting you enter their control, the cracks in their armor are clearly visible, and you will be wiped out when you first come into contact. And if you want to win, you will always have only one arrow.

All the levels in the game are cleverly designed and meticulously conceived, because the game hopes that players have no choice but to rely on their own experience. The whole game world is a bond that nonlinearly connects the different fantasy environments of the world: lava, snowfields, and forests have been the subject of these environments. In this game, there are no other monsters or obstacles on the way to the BOSS level, so this 16-bit style game is quite popular, but the players have not really seen or found the next level. Titan’s hole, road or stairs

Meta review based on IGN

The Pokkén Tournament

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The Pokkén Tournament draws a number of familiar elements from a series of favorite pieces to create this new game.

With the mix of these game types, the most notable innovation in the game is the transformable battlefield. The angle of view of the battle scene can be switched back and forth, and the 3D mode of the Field Phase can be performed. In this mode, the attack direction and the station position are very important, and the traditional 2D perspective Duel Phase can also be performed. The angle of view conversion depends on Your actions. If the fight is fierce, the duel mode will be activated. In the duel mode, a deadly combo may be returned to the game mode. In this mode, the elves can jump or evade the laser and flame. This shift helps the player stop to develop a strategy, think about the way the next attack is and how to manipulate the battle process.

Many of the former wizards in “Pokémon” are included in the “Bao Ke Meng Tekken Championships”. Players can choose them to play against. As an old fan, the author is very satisfied with this. These elves have both old faces and new faces. Although it is impossible to cover everyone’s preferences, these 16 characters are enough to record the 20-year history of “Pokémon”. These characters have a history of more than a decade, and the Iron Fist Championships have faithfully restored these characters, which has not disappointed the players. This turn-based RPG role is not uncomfortable after being applied to the real-time battle mechanism. For example, Machamp can trample the ground with its feet, find opportunities to approach the enemy, release amazing big moves or grab defensive opponents to cause more damage. Gengar can release the phantom to confuse the enemy, and the opponent does not know if you want to attack from above, behind or below.

meta review based on IGN